It's An Adventure... Not Just Another Trail Ride.

If you want to ride, we'll accommodate your level of riding with good, happy, healthy horses. A big part of what we do is matching you with a horse that will be most compatible with you. We like t have two wranglers per ride to make sure were accommodating each persons level of riding. We don't have an age limit or a weight limit. If you want to ride, we'll take you.

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How to Kickstart Your Western Adventure

  1. Give us a holler and let’s chat about your riding wants and needs.
  2. We’ll fix you up with a tour that’s just right for your skill level and desires.
  3. Climb on up and enjoy the ride through wide-open, breathtaking country.

How To Establish A Partnership Relationship With Your Horse

I’ve been riding horses for 30 years now and I’ve discovered an easy way to communicate with horses. Not only do we need to teach them a little bit of our language… but we need to understand theirs. For the rider we help develop feel, timing and balance. For the horse we help them develop communication through energy.

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